The money is working

Ever since I won the national business competition, I have done a few things with my money that I’d like to share, these are my current investments. 1. 2009 Honda Accord w/ door… Continue reading

The Presentation that won it all

NFTE final presentation in New York 2012. Vincent Quigg won $25,000.

Vincent Quigg and TechWorld- 6 months in

It finally happened. October 11th, 2012, all the many hours of preparation and hard work was finally put to it’s final test. I was in New York, sharing my business plan to judges… Continue reading

The next few months

I must say, I love putting alot on my own plate. I have so much to look forward to in the upcoming months it;s ridiculous. I start school on Monday and my new… Continue reading

What successful entrepreneurs have in common

Well I have been at USC for the whole month of July and I have had the honor of being able to listen to many amazing speakers and I wanted to share what… Continue reading

Back to Business for New York…

Today I met up with the NFTE crew and one of my dearest mentors’ Nikki Ector to prepare for nationals in October. My business plan has reached it’s highest point in my opinion.… Continue reading

Do I really want to fix phones my whole life?

  The question is real….and so will be my answer. Do I really want to fix phones my whole life? My answer is simply no. Ask the trash guy, do you want to… Continue reading

25 Laws for Doing the Impossoible

This Book is amazing for anyone aspiring to be successful in life, has every aspect in making you realize what steps you have to take to become successful. Written by Patrick Bet-David.

My blog and what inspired me to start one.

This all started literally when I was 14 years old. Everything I do, started with wanting to be able to provide for myself. Many think that I was handed everything in life, that’s… Continue reading